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Engage your mind each day

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Thinking, its as effortless as breathing, isn't it? But wait, don't we hear about how we in the current age don't even breathe so well. Do you see how children do it, belly up , inhale, belly in, exhale. As adults, we forget both, breathing & thinking. In today's world, our thoughts are usually either governed by what others will think, reactions or past and future. We hear about successful people, athletes who set records, all of these people have something in common. They use their mind but they use it in a special manner. Left brain for logics, that's the one that kicks in all the time, the savior, that looks into your experience repository and the right brain, the imaginative one.

How to engage both sides of the brain, to achieve your goals, its as simple as sitting in meditation. Guided visualizations, curiosity, asking why, creating new future, that's when you engage the right brain function.

Mental exercises that stimulate your brain help improve cognitive function, reduce anxiety and depression risk, and improve sleep and quality of life. There are many benefits to right brain exercises. Physical and aerobic exercise is beneficial in maintaining brain health and reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. But cognitive health is the most important part of brain health, and it can be preserved through mental and social stimulation. These activities are the best ways to stimulate your right brain.

Here are ways to stimulate your creative right brain:

Socially Active

Visiting with family and joining in on social events, getting together with friends, or volunteering for social causes are great ways to be social and have physical interactions and conversations.

Paint a picture or sketch like a kid

Drawing, painting, and putting things down on paper helps you explore your creative side by shutting off conscious thoughts. Even 5 mins a day is a great start. You don't have to be an artist, just have fun doing it. We suggest start by drawing multiple smileys on a page.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditating or attending yoga class are two ways to achieve mindfulness. Yes, we know that sounds hard, so start with 2 mins a day and progress to 5 mins twice a day. Practice it first thing when you wake up, so other excuses don't get in the way, You’ll have an easier time being observant, relaxing, and reaching optimal creativity.

Just taking some out out for yourself or even playing games can be very engaging for your mind. Start with baby steps and discover that curious inner child.

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